How to Make a Successful Bookstagram | Part 2

Now that you have a creative and strong username created, it’s time to focus on the quality of your photos. There are many factors to consider when starting to create a feed, and it can be difficult at times to make everything look coherent yet also varied. We’ve touched on this a little in the previous post, but I wanted to explain some things more in depth so you can get the full picture.

The first thing you would have to consider is the props and items you are working with. Many huge bookstagrammers will usually have a set and a large number of props to use, as they receive a lot of these items. However, as a beginner bookstagrammer, you won’t necessarily have this large amount of props. Thing is, you can actually find a lot of props around your house. Candles, lights, and flowers all make for great props in a photo. You really don’t need to be fancy when it comes to props.

The next factor to think about is what you are taking your photos with. If you truly dedicated, then it wouldn’t be harmful to buy a nice camera. Of course, I would suggest to make do with what you have. Smartphone cameras aren’t that bad, and even though the quality may not be fantastic, it is just starting a bookstagram. So you don’t really need fancy supplies yet.

Lighting is extremely important. Using natural light is the best way to have a brighter and livelier picture. Artificial light tends to create a yellow-ish tint on the photo, which makes everything duller. Having no light at all basically makes your photos nonexistent. The best is to use natural light. It can be through a window, which is the best. HOWEVER, you want to make sure that there is an even wash of light. Sometimes, the sun can end up casting an awkward bright spot, which makes the light more concentrated in a particular spot. Make sure that this doesn’t happen so there is an even coating of light on your photos.

One of the most asked questions about bookstgramming is whether or not you should filter your photos. Now this really depends on you. Filters can make or break a photo. As long as you don’t overdo it with the filters, I think it is perfectly fine to utilize them.

I think the most important factor of any bookstagram feed is a theme. Themes can be really hard to do, and I have to admit that we had a really hard time creating a feed that had a theme. Essentially, a theme is something that makes your photos looks aesthetically pleasing and put together. It can be difficult to do this without repeating the same photo style, so the best way is to experiment. Try taking different styles of photos while still making it look put together. Remember, even if you have a bad post, the effects aren’t irreversible. You can always archive or delete the post if you want.

The final thing to remember about your posts is to be creative! Even if they may not be the best posts in the world, having creative and unique photos will do good for a feed. Experiment and try different setups to have fun with your photos.

These are all the tips I would have for a beginner bookstagrammer’s posts. Experiment and give all sorts of things a try on your Instagram! Play with different setups and features to have a fun feed, but also ensure your photos are coherent and put together. I will post some other great bookstagram accounts down below, so check them out and show them support! You can also check out our bookstagram @universewithinpages for some inspiration as well. Have fun creating your bookstagram!





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