All The Little Lights by Jamie McGuire

*I wrote this review like almost a month ago when I received an e-ARC for this book. I decided not to post my review on the blog after its release date. I would hope that many of you give this book a try because I really enjoyed it, and I think many of you will too.

Wow. This book was a huge surprise. I’ve never had the chance to pick up any of this author’s other books, even though I have heard good things about them. This book has made me consider picking up her other works, as I really enjoyed this book.

This book essentially follows two characters, Elliott and Catherine as they fall madly in love with each other during the summer after their freshman year. Unfortunately, a tragedy occurs in Catherine’s family, but Elliott is forced to leave the town. Catherine is then heartbroken but pushes Elliott away in the summers he doesn’t come. When he does move back into the town, they are two different people. Elliott is a star athlete, while Catherine works at her mother’s bed and breakfast, yet suspicious of what really is going on. The two try to reconcile, but many events cause them to stay separate.

I really enjoyed the premise of the book. The basic plot and such is pretty interesting, and I really loved how mysterious this book was. We don’t really get the full spectrum of what happens to Catherine, but personally, I think that it made the story better that way. The fact that we don’t know everything is what I think keeps this story really interesting and on the edge of your seat.

The instalove, or love at first sight, really bothered me. I can usually tolerate some instalove, but the amount that is in this book is over the top. Like they see each other and BAM they love each other. Honestly, that’s the perfect example of some awful instalove. I can’t stand when that kind of stuff happens, when people just see each other and make eye contact for like a second, and they fall in love. That a) makes no sense b) never happens in real life and c) is terrible to read about. But, I still enjoyed their relationship; it was the instalove that drove me insane.

That’s really the only problem I had with this book. I enjoyed the characters and their diverse personalities. We have Elliott who is a pretty tough person, but also has a soft heart. Catherine is a fragile and delicate person. but is a strong warrior on the inside. All of these traits make the characters interesting to be around. I also liked Maddie and Sam, even though I thought I wasn’t going to like them. Catherine’s mom was probably one of the most interesting and mysterious characters to read about, and even though she is insane, she was an interesting person to have.

The writing in this book was really good too. I enjoyed McGuire’s writing, and how it still maintained a metaphorical and whimsical tone, but also ensuring that the plot was carried through well. Many authors who try to make their writing “metaphorical” end up killing the plot and the basic foundation of a story, which in turn ends up making us readers confused and angry. However, the writing in this book surprisingly kept that metaphorical sound, while also making sure that the plot and actual story were written in well. I definitely applaud McGuire for doing that.

Finally, this book was a bundle of entertainment. I couldn’t put this down while I was reading before bed, and I ended up staying up because I was so interested in the story. The plot is quite unique and the way the author takes the story is interesting. I loved the twists and turns, the mysteriousness, and basically everything about the plot. I was completely hooked right from the start, and I think that that’s why this book deserves a high rating.

When this book is released, I will 100000000% make the effort to pick it up. I would love to see how the real and full story unravels, and I’m so excited to see what other things the author will add.

I received this eARC from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All quotes are subject to change upon release.


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