How to Make a Successful Bookstagram

There are so many new “bookstagram” accounts that get created every day, or Instagram accounts featuring pictures of books. However, out of the thousands of accounts that get created, only a few of them actually grow to have thousands of followers. You may wonder: What does it take to have a successful bookstagram? Well, I will explain a few details about how you can grow your Instagram account.

First of all, I’m going to assume that you already have an Instagram account, but let’s go over one of the biggest things, a thing everyone will see and possibly make the decision about following your account for. Your username.

Here are some basic tips for the first step in your journey to making a successful bookstagram:

  1. Make sure your username doesn’t have many redundant numbers or characters. For example, it’s going to be way more confusing and less memorable if you have a username of “bookishlover13404_abc”, rather than if it was just “bookishlover”.
  2. Make sure your username is creative and memorable. If you create a unique and creative username, people are going to remember your account more, giving you a greater chance at being successful.
  3. Try to make sure your username has minimal words. Even if you don’t have many random characters, a long username can be time consuming to spell and is also less memorable. For example, instead of having the username of “myfavoritethingsintheworldarebooks”, you should aim for something shorter, like “bookishlover”.

Now that you have an amazing username, we should go over your actual photos, and how to really make them successful. Firstly, you can take a look at our Instagram, http://instagram.com/universewithinpages as well as a few other successful bookstagram accounts.




See the source imageSee the source image

In these photos, you can take note of a few things that you think were successful, as well as a few things you’d rather avoid for reference.

So here are some basic tips.

  1. Have good lighting! Natural light is usually the better option in this scenario, but if you absolutely must, you can filter your photos (but filtering photos can sometimes look fake and unnatural). If it’s too dark, people can’t see anything, which basically ruins the photo altogether.
  2. Have a consistent theme. This isn’t necessary, but having a consistent “theme” can make your feed look more aesthetic and better overall. People tend to prefer accounts with themes over ones without.
  3. Have props! It doesn’t need to be anything huge, but as you can see in some accounts, the props highlight the book. Otherwise, you can have a few minor props, like flowers or a blanket to make your photo look less plain. You can also use a bookshelf if you have multiple books (and it looks nice)
  4. Don’t make every photo a carbon copy of each other. Even if it’s the most perfect photo in the world, it may appear as if it isn’t creative anymore.
  5. Don’t copy others. You should try to create your own style, and something that is unique to you. Firstly, people don’t like having their styles copied, and also it may benefit you to have something that is uncommon.
  6. Try to not use the same books in each photo. It can get redundant at times.

Those are a few main parts of creating a successful bookstagram. I might end up adding another part if I feel like there’s more to add, or if any of you have suggestions on what you would like to read about.

Good luck with your future or current bookstagram!


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