9 Creative Blog Post Ideas For Your Book Blog

Did you ever feel as if you are simply running out of ideas for your blog, or just need more variety? Well, I’m here to suggest a few that you may or may not have known to lead your blog to success.

1. Write book reviews

This may seem obvious to you, but it’s always nice to write a review on a book you’ve recently read, or even one you’ve read a while ago.

2. Do reader tags

I actually really enjoy this one (as you can probably tell by the large amount of tags on our blog). It’s really easy to do, and to get started, you just look up “reader tags”, and a bunch of results will show up. This is a really easy way to write something on your blog if you want to post, but know you’re short on time.

3. Do book hauls

This one is also easy if you purchased a range of books recently. All you need to do is talk about some of the books you bought (including some pictures). You can also explain the books too if you’d like.

4. Show people your bookshelf

This is similar to the previous, but it never hurts to show off your bookshelf. Even if you don’t have many books, or if you have an overwhelming amount, it’s always a fun post.

5. Write tutorials

You probably can remember a time where you couldn’t think of or figure out how to do something. Typically, most people resort to tutorials on the internet. However, people can’t find tutorials on how to do things if there are none, so talk about the answer to a question you know. It can be common or obscure, as there will always be people somewhere thinking about it.

6. Have a guest on your blog

You can always invite a guest to your blog if you’d like something new to post about. Simply ask a friend or post a request for it on social media.

7. Host a giveaway

Hosting giveaways can be a fun and exciting activity if you’re willing to spend a little money. People love giveaways, and this will definitely draw both new and old readers to your blog. If you’re hosting giveaways, pick a popular or new release so that it will draw more attention to your post.

8. Recommend books

I personally have always looked for book recommendation posts, as I can never think of anything to read. It can be fun to share your thoughts on a few books you’ve loved, as well as for people to read about it.

9. Interview people

You can interview anyone, whether it’s your best friend or another author. You can format it in a q&a style, or honestly anything you can think of. It’s always nice to bring a new voice to your blog.

That’s all the tips I have for right now, but I might do an update post if I can think of any more. I hope you found this helpful!

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