Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

“A princess who was to live for a Thousand years. Longer. That had been her gift. It was now her curse.”

This was a really good ending to Throne of Glass, and I’m happy I ended up picking up the series. It picks up a bit after Aelin first got trapped inside the coffin. This book finishes up the series really well (like I literally just said), and it sums up everything that I was anticipating from the prior books. We get to see what happens to the Wyrdkeys, we get to see what happens to Aelin and the coffin, and we get to see what happens to Maeve. Also, we get to see pretty much every character from the prior books (which is my favorite part about Sarah J. Maas’s writing), so it’s pretty good.

The characters are great. As usual, I loved Aelin and Rowan. I was really happy to know that them and everyone else had a happy ending, but it was kind of odd how many times Aelin resurrected (I was glad of it though). All the other characters were good, but there were some whose story I wasn’t really invested in as much, like Nesryn. I liked how the story alternated perspectives, you can get a glimpse into what each character is thinking.

The plot was slow for me, but I found this the case with the entire series. Everyone got their happy ending, so I enjoyed it, but I almost wish that there was something more realistic. Otherwise, it was interesting because you got to see the result of everything from the prior books.

This is a short review, but the book was good overall, so I’d recommend picking up the series if you haven’t (even though 7 books is a lot). The conclusion was probably my favorite part, and I found that the entire book in general was better than the previous books in the series. I’m glad the series ended on a good note.

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