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Book Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

I really enjoyed Lady Midnight. I actually read this abou a year ago, but I decided to reread it in anticipation for Queen of Air and Darkness. I found it slightly worse than what I thought it was going to be, but enjoyed it anyways,

I liked how there were new characters, while the characters from TMI and TID made small cameos instead of being present throughout the book. I hated Clary and Jace from TMI so I’m glad they took a step back in this series. For the new characters, they were okay for the most part. I liked Mark in this the most and I think he’s probably my favorite character. Cristina, Diego, Kieran, and Julian’s siblings were all okay but I felt like there wasn’t anything special about them. At certain parts, I liked Julian and Emma, but their relationship annoyed me.

The plot was slow at times, but it was okay enough to keep me intrigued. I felt like this book could have been shorter and at a faster pace, but it was readable. I liked how a lot of different beginnings of plots were added in for the following books in the series. I’m interested to see Malcolm/Annabel and possibly Kit’s roles in the following books (especially Queen of Air and Darkness). Also I loved how the chapter titles were named after lines in Annabel Lee and I felt that it was a nice addition to the book.

Anyways, I’d really recommend this if you haven’t read the series. In my opinion, it’s a huge upgrade from TMI and a small downgrade from TID so it’s a good read. I’m excited for Queen of Air and Darkness to come out and I’m anticipating to how the series will come to a close.

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