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Book Review: Evermore by Sara Holland

I was really excited to read Evermore, but I feel like it just let me down. I actually liked Everless, and thought that it was a really good first book with good potential for the sequel. With Evermore, I do feel like it just lacked something in every area (the plot, characters, and overall story). 

There’s a huge focus on the entire Sorceress and Alchemist thing, and it just kind of repeated itself. It felt like Jules having strange visions and memories about her past lives and Caro took up the bulk of the story, and was just dull. The end was kind of predictable in a way where I pretty much guessed what was going to happen early on in the book. Compared to Everless, essentially nothing happened in the book. One of the elements that bothered me a lot more than the first book were the characters. It seemed like they all declined in depth which made the entire book boring. Jules was persistent and predictable in a boring way, and she doesn’t really do much in the story. The same goes for Liam, and I think that a lot more could have been done with him, especially with the background and relationship between him and the others in the first book. I don’t know how to describe the relationship between them, but it was just so random and out of nowhere. 

With Caro, she was just a typical villian. She had no motive to her other than to recover her heart (like the alchemist and sorcerer legends said) and she was also just there. There was nothing more to her than her just being a plot device. Ina also bothered me because she just mimicked everything Caro was doing, and then immediately went onto Jules’s side to sudden of a way. 

The plot was also pretty repetitive and boring. It was just Jules going to various locations in order to fulfill her plan to kill Caro over and over again. Evermore was such a useless book that I genuinely think that this book could have been removed from the series or summed up in twenty pages or so at the end of Everless. The only thing that changes about the plot is the change in scenery, which is too random to be exciting or not boring. 

Anyways, I was hoping Evermore would be an amazing sequel to Everless in order to start off my year in a good way, but it wasn’t that. Evermore was a huge downgrade to Everless, and I’m just sad about the potential this series had to be good.

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