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The Problems of a Speedreader (A.K.A. Me)

So, I speed read really bad. It’s such a bad habit, but like all the other nonsensical things I do, I never really think to change my ways. But, this has seriously caused so many problems, that I just thought I’d mention it to all of you on here! So, let’s get started!

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1. I Don’t Remember Anything

Now that I’m saying it on paper, this one literally sounds so dumb. But okay, I skim over things so fast, that I seriously don’t remember things. Add on my short-term memory loss, and you’ve got literally the worst combination for things. I seriously cannot tell you 90% of the things that happened in a book once I’ve moved onto the next one. It’s why I have to write bullet points while I’m reading a book to even remember what I’m going to say.

Like I’ll be in a conversation with a friend talking about a book and have no idea what’s going on. And going off on a tangent, unlike any rational person who would say they don’t remember, I pretend I do. I go along with what the other person is saying and just pretend my way out of it. You don’t even know how many book-specific Wikis I’ve been on to try to be a part of a conversation that I can barely take part in. Or, I’ll end up saying something generic about the plot, which is the worst commentary you can give.

I swear that I’ve remembered liking so many books, but I don’t remember anything about the plot. I won’t even remember the characters, or even what happened, yet still have a positive “vibe” about it? It is a huge problem and it’s why I reread so many times. I will be surprised by all the plot twists that happen, even on my 2nd or 3rd reread. It’s seriously not okay.

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2. I Miss Important Information

I think this one is probably going to be unique for me, but here we go. I miss important information. If you’ve read Chain of Gold, you know everything about Grace’s bracelet. And yeah, I did not catch that at all. I don’t even know how, because it seems like such a central plot point to the book (no spoilers)! I didn’t even know the whole thing happened until a friend texted me after being super surprised at it and talking about it.

And it’s not just one book I’ll do this for, I’ll do it for so many. Most of the time, I just miss the little things, but sometimes, it’s really bad. If I’m a little bored during a chapter, I will skim read and speed read like crazy. I’m like Speedy Gonzales all over again. At the worst, I’ll speed read and skim over literal paragraphs, reading only a couple of sentences on the page. And you can tell how horrible that is. It doesn’t help that I forget everything either.

Yeah, so I usually can figure out if they’re something important that I need to reread because of the chaos afterwards, buuuuut, it doesn’t work sometimes, and it’s still unhealthy regardless.

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3. Reading Books Slowly Bores Me

Now I don’t know if this is a personality thing or a habit of me speed-reading for so long. I cannot read books slowly. Even if I try my very best, I will drift back into that old habit. I kind of get bored from reading them slowly, which literally makes sense because if I like reading, shouldn’t I want to savor the moment? Not at all.

Even if it’s something important I need to read, my attention span cannot take it. I’ll have important articles to read for class, really great pieces I actually want to read in depth, or various things I need to analyze, and this habit will now all me to do any of that. Here’s a little glimpse into the process of me trying to read a book slowly:

A. I actually start reading the book slowly! Surprise, right? I feel so invincible actually catching the small details and knowing what’s going on.

B. My attention wavers. I think about all the time it’s taking me to read this. Can’t I do something better with my time? Here is the stage where I actually begin to lose focus.

C. I give up. I get so bored and annoyed with the writing piece, that I give up at reading it analytically. I either quit reading for a bit and check on something else more thrilling or skim through the rest of the reading I have to do, which we all know does not have a nice, happy result.

So yeah, apparently this habit does not have as easy of a fix as I would have liked it to.

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Okay, so that was a short post for today, but hopefully you found it enjoyable! Let me know if you agree with any of these, or if you’re the total opposite, and love taking in whatever you read!

Happy Speed-Reading!


8 thoughts on “The Problems of a Speedreader (A.K.A. Me)”

  1. We each have our own ways of reading. I say whatever works! For me, I enjoy it when a book is written with such lyrical prose that I slow down on purpose to “hear” what I’m reading. The last book I read like that was The Boatman’s Daughter by Andy Davidson.

  2. OOPS! I am a really slow reader! xD I like to take notes while I am reading a book – so that I can formulate my reviews with more precision. I tried speed reading once but I just…as you said… couldn’t remember any fucking thing! xD Also when we speed read, there is also a high chance of missing those sweet little moments that make a story more enjoyable and relatable, you know?

    1. Yes I totally get that! I need to be more like you haha. I used to try to take notes, but got lazy, so I’m hoping to pick that habit back up!

  3. I can definitely understand not being able to remember anything as a speed reader. I myself read pretty slowly and believe that my speed allows me to retain more too haha Great post. 😉

  4. I would say I have gotten faster at reading in recent years, and I totally understand the frustration of reading slow. Sometimes I get paranoid about how much time goes by while reading a book that maybe isn’t the quickest read!

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