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Hey everyone! I feel like last week breezed by, sooo it’s time for my weekly blog post!! I was *going* to write a review post for some books I read over the weekend, but I ended up really not liking them, so I thought it would be a little depressing. So, instead I thought to go with another (hopefully) fun post!

Today, I’ll be ranking various reading spots. I’ll be doing it on a scale of 1-10, and hopefully it’ll be entertaining to listen to me ramble on and on about some totally random stuff! So, let’s get started!

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1. The Couch – 10/10
The couch is the best spot in the entire world for reading, and nobody can say otherwise. First of all, the seating is so much more comfortable than a chair, and you can sink in with horrible posture & it not being a big deal! The book is conveniently right in front of you, and you don’t need to position yourself in any strange way (like the bed while you’re lying down) to read it. The only con is that it’s awkward eating/drinking without a table, since there isn’t a flat surface within an arm’s reach. But since I love the couch so much, I’m going to be horribly biased and not take any points off.

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2. The Bed – 6/10
I’ve seen so many people love reading in their bed, and it genuinely makes me wonder if I’m doing it wrong. At least when I read there, you need to position yourself in such a strange, tiring way to read the pages! Okay, so if you’re lying with your back down, you have to stick your hands up at a 90 degree angle to read the pages, which hurts if you’re doing it for long periods of time. Option two is to crane your neck in the strangest position which will come back to hurt you later. Also, I guess you could lie down on your side or stomach, but that just sounds uncomfortable. Though, the bed does have the plus of wrapping yourself in 234932 blankets with comfy cushioning though.

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3. In the Dining Room – 4/10
The dining room is a prime spot for eating/drinking, but it can be used for reading too! Or even better, both! It’s super easy to keep a drink or snack next to you on a stable surface, compared to the bed or the couch. Also, you can keep your book still and flat, rather than on your lap or something. The only con is that it might not be as comfortable, which I feel like a reading spot should really be.

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4. At a Coffee Shop – 4/10
Like the dining room, except in front of strangers and real people! It’s great for those *main character* vibes, and for relaxing with a drink. Maybe you’ll even find someone and live out your own contemporary novel? It can get loud though from people talking if you can’t concentrate without silence, but it can also have a nice, cozy atmosphere.

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5. Standing – 1/10
If you stand while you read, don’t even talk to me (just kidding though). It’s such an awkward position, and I can’t think of any scenario where you would need to do it. I *guess* if you’re walking somewhere, you might snatch a few extra minutes of reading while you’re waiting for something, but it’s not worth it. I find the entire concept to be strange.

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6. In the Car/On the Train – 2/10
Reading while you’re in the car or on the train can be really convenient, unless you’re horribly motion sick like me. I’m actually really jealous of people who don’t get motion sickness while reading in the car, since I feel like it would save hours of boredom and let me get a head start on my TBR. But since I literally can’t, I’m going to have to give out a low rating! I am giving it a point boost on behalf of everyone who can read there, though.

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7. In the Library/Bookstore – 7/10
Reading in both places can be really nice actually! There are thousands of books for you to pick up and read without spending a dime. I used to always go to Barnes and Nobles for a few hours to read whenever there was a new release I couldn’t afford to buy. Seating might be limited based on the location and amount of people, but overall, I still vibe with it. Also, it might be loud, but usually it isn’t too bad, especially in libraries if you have a quiet section.

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So, that’s it, since I can’t really think of anything else! I hope you enjoyed this long rambly post, and the graphics I added to make it look longer than it actually was haha. Also, I’ve been writing more of these kind of “mindless” posts on my blog, since I haven’t been reading enough good books to write reviews. Though I might try writing some lists to get some more book related content on here!

Happy reading!


10 thoughts on “Ranking Reading Spots”

  1. This is such a fun post! I agree with you on the couch being the best reading spot, but only when I’m home alone. I can’t read with all my family sitting there. I usually read on my bed lying on my back, but it does get uncomfortable after a while. Sometimes I read on the floor, too, especially in the summer when it’s too hot. I’m also extremely jealous of people who read during car rides, I get dizzy just thinking about it.

    1. Oh yeah totally haha! I get the summer reading on the floor, and I think I’ve done the same thing too!

      Same with me for the car rides, it sounds so amazing to be able to do that!

  2. This is such a fun post! Though I’ll have to politely disagree – reading in bed is so much better than on the couch! 😁 You can use so many different positions and have blankets 😍 But, to be fair, I do also kind of use my bed in a “couch-like way” sometimes. I have this really big pillow that I’ll put against the wall and use as a cushion so that I can also sit while reading. Though I do alternate between that and lying down 😂

  3. My two favourite reading spots are on the couch and in bed. I have an electric hospital kind of bed so can pretty adjust the head and legs to find the perfect position.

    Being able to read in a moving vehicle would definitely be awesome, I get motion sickness too. If I’m the passenger most journeys end up with me falling asleep while listening to an audiobook 😅

  4. My favorite spot currently is a nice comfy dark green chair sitting in a corner with a light just over it, a small corner table beside it, and a matching dark green foot rest in front. I could spend hours reading there. 🙂 I used to read in bed a lot when younger but don’t find it nearly as comfortable now, at least not with paper or ebooks. However, I have begun listening to audiobooks in bed and that’s worked great with the exceptoin of the times I fall asleep while listening and have to rewind the next day. Like you I have a more difficult time reading in a car or train though not for the same reasons. When I was a baby my folks would take me driving in the truck to relax me and put me to sleep. That seems to still work today. When reading while moving it doesn’t take long for my head to start sagging. 🙂

    1. That sounds so amazing and relaxing! Audiobooks in bed sound like they could totally work, and maybe I’ll give that a try some day. And I have the exact same thing where I’ll tend to sleep really easily in cars!

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