The Selection by Kiera Cass

I didn’t include a quote in this review because most of them sounded awful. Already, you can probably tell I really hated this book. I don’t understand why so many people enjoy this book so much besides its entertainment value (even though I don’t think this is remotely interesting). If I could give a book 0 stars, I would probably give this book one.

Funny thing is that actually I accidentally picked the third book up first. I was at a bookstore and I was like “wow the cover is sort of cool” so I just went ahead and bought it. Until I realized at home that it was actually the third book. I still read it anyway and searched up spoiler reviews and summaries for the first two books. And, in all honesty, I actually did enjoy the book to some extent. But that was like a few years ago. I’d probably hate it if I read it now since I’ve read some amazing dystopian and fantasy books.

Okay, let’s start with the characters. They are probably one of the worst parts of this book. America Singer is tied with Calaena from ToG for being some of the most annoying female protagonists in a YA story. She is so freaking bratty and doesn’t understand how to manage anything. At one point she is gushing over Maxon, and at another, she’s gushing over Aspen. That’s rude to both people, one, and two, MAKE UP YOUR MIND. I also don’t get Aspen at all. He is okay with America leaving for the Selection, but then suddenly decides to semi-stalk her as he becomes the guard for the palace. I actually can’t. Maxon is just too goody-two-shoes for me and is so damn perfect it’s unrealistic.

Another problem I have is the slut-shaming in this book. I had this problem with Anna and the French Kiss too. America tends to always shame on other girls for being with Maxon, which I find to be extremely rude and annoying. Yet she is always with Maxon, but she cannot bring herself to see other people with Maxon. I truly don’t understand America at all, and I really don’t think she even deserves to be with Maxon.

The plot, for me, was just okay. It wasn’t as entertaining as people said it would. I thought it would be kind of like the Bachelor, but it was definitely a lot worse. I didn’t think that the entertainment value was as high as people said this book was. I do think that if I had actually read the synopsis, I wouldn’t have picked this book up at all.

I don’t really have much else to say since I skimmed through this book. Because of that, I probably didn’t notice as many things as I would’ve if I had actually read this book. I only noticed big issues that really stood out as I was “reading”, so I, unfortunately, couldn’t include more minor things.

Will I continue this series? Definitely not. I have absolutely no interest in continuing the series or reading Kiera Cass’s future books. From what I’ve heard, people have said the series gets worse. I don’t know how this book could get worse, but I know for sure I definitely won’t continue the stories. Others might like this book, but personally I have a strong hatred for this book.

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