Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

This book was actually a surprise. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. It definitely was nowhere near perfect, but it still was an enjoyable read.

This follows a girl named Claudia, who attends a girls-only high school. She eavesdrops the school’s most popular lesbian couple break up. These two girls, Paige and Iris, both were decent friends with Claudia until Iris learns that Claudia has listened to their breakup and decides to end the relationship she has with Claudia. This story follows Claudia and Iris as they slowly grow another friendship, but in addition to that, Claudia also finds a love interest while in this process.

I actually went into this book knowing absolutely nothing. It was a completely blind read, and it could be the reason why I enjoyed this book more. I didn’t have any expectations for this book since I didn’t read any reviews or read the synopsis before I started, so I think I ended up enjoying this book more than I really would’ve if I had read the synopsis or any reviews.

One of the main issues I had with this book was the characters. Gideon was just too perfect and such a stereotypical YA contemporary romance love interest. He didn’t seem to have any “humane” traits that would make him seem realistic to me. Not going to lie I did enjoy reading parts with him, but I still felt like he didn’t seem real to me.

Another character I had some problems with was Paige. She played a huge part in the story, yet I felt like she wasn’t even there half the time. Her role in this story is pretty big, as (view spoiler)However, she wasn’t present in the story as much as I wanted her to be, and I felt she was under-represented as a character.

Claudia’s character, though she was annoying at times, was very real. She experienced things that many teenage girls go through, including breakups, severed friendships, and family issues. Personally, her character was done well for this story.

Iris was a great character too, even though she did have an annoying personality. I think this was done intentionally, so I cannot exactly complain, but the way she acts and behaves isn’t something I personally like. However, again, I think this person was supposed to be this way because of the events in this book.

Besides the characters, everything else was good. The plot was well developed and the writing style enhanced the plot in a way where things were moving at a decent pace. This isn’t the quickest read, but if you are interested in a heartwarming contemporary romance, definitely consider picking this book up.

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