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I haven’t done a book tag yet, so I decided to finally do one. I saw this tag on YouTube and found that many people did it, but instead of putting this tag into video form, I will instead write my answers.

Credit to TheBookArcher for creating this tag!

  1. A popular book that everyone likes, but you didn’t like

Hmmm… I have probably too many to choose from since I dedicated a whole post to this, but if I were just to choose one it would be Throne of Glass. I seriously don’t understand why so many people find it is an amazing fantasy, but again everyone is entitled to their own opinions. A recent read that is now tied with Throne of Glass is the Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I couldn’t stand that book at all and I honestly don’t see the good in it, but I guess everyone else did.

  1. A popular book that everyone doesn’t like, but you like

This is sort of hard to answer, but I guess the Maze Runner by James Dashner? I can’t say people hate this book, but I do know that a good portion of people who have read this didn’t enjoy it that much. I totally get why they dislike this, but I still find this entertaining.

  1. A love triangle where somebody ended up with the person you didn’t want them to be with, or an OTP you don’t ship.

I think I can answer both of these, so I will. The love triangle that I wish could’ve ended differently was I guess the one in the Mortal Instruments. There were many love triangles in this book, but (spoiler alert) I wish Simon ended up with Maia. They just had more chemistry together and somebody like Simon just didn’t seem to click well with someone as headstrong and defiant as Isabelle. But again, whatever happens, happens. An OTP I can’t even bear to ship is Mark and Christina from the Dark Artifices. I am a hardcore Mark and Kieran shipper so I can’t stand when Mark is with somebody else. Plus, I absolutely despise Christina too.

  1. A popular book genre that you hardly reach for

Actually, this is a pretty hard question to answer. I’m open to reading any genre, but one that I noticed I have never tried and also don’t seem to be interested in is paranormal. I am personally fine with high fantasy, but more “darker” fantasy elements such as vampires, werewolves, etc. I’m just not interested in. So sorry to all the Twilight fans, but I probably will never pick up those books.

  1. A popular or beloved book character you dislike

Definitely Simon from the Mortal Instruments. I guess he’s cute and what not, but he’s pretty idiotic. Like just the way he talks he doesn’t seem like he’s 16 (or however old he is). He definitely annoyed me too because he simply was too ignorant and immature, but whatever.

  1. A popular author you can’t seem to get into

Sarah J. Maas. The entire YA community raves about her books, from Throne of Glass to A Court of Thorns and Roses. And I seriously don’t get why. I’ve tried reading Throne of Glass multiple times, but each time it ended in failure. I can’t get past 100 pages, and I don’t have much motivation to keep trying.

  1. A popular book trope that you don’t like

The classic answer would be “love triangle”, and I definitely don’t like love triangles but there’s another trope I hate even more. The “chosen one” trope really bugs me. I can’t stand when the main character suddenly gets noticed and is special out of nowhere, and I really dislike reading characters like that. Many fantasy books I like actually don’t have this trope, which is probably why I like them.

  1. A popular series you aren’t interested in reading

Yet again, there are so many options. I guess I would go with either the ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Maas, or any of Gayle Forman’s books. I’m not a huge fan of super depressing contemporary novels, and I think many of Gayle Forman’s books revolve around tragedies and such. I’m not interested in her work, so I don’t plan on reading any of her books in the near future.

  1. The saying goes, “the book is better than the movie”, but what movie adaptation of a book did you enjoy more then the book itself?

I can’t recall watching any movie adaptations of books, but I have scoured through YouTube to find as many clips of some movies as I can. I read The Hunger Games so long ago I can’t even remember sometimes that I have read it, but I remember that I didn’t enjoy it that much. However, I “watched” the movie and I really enjoyed it. I found that it solved the issues i had with the book, which was pacing.

What unpopular opinions do you have about books and other popular things? Let me know in the comments some of them, and happy reading!

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