Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

“Power is not the answer. It will only intensify the fight.”

Wow. This book was just amazing. I don’t think I’ve read this good of a fantasy in a while. I think this book encompasses all of my favorite elements of fantasy into one book. This deserves all the hype, and it has definitely joined my list for my favorite fantasy books of all time.

To summarize, this story is set in a fantasy world where magic has been taken away. The main character, Zélie, is the daughter of a maji, but because magic doesn’t exist, she doesn’t wield any powers. After finding out that there’s an opportunity to get magic back, she immediately grabs this opportunity and ends up on a huge journey to do this. This is also told through three different perspectives; the main character, the prince, and the princess.

The universe that this book is set in is pretty creative. It’s interesting how it is a fantasy world without magic. The entire magic system with the majis and such was also done well, and I’m surprised that this author was able to pull this all off as a debut novel. The maji idea was well explained and I definitely understand the entire concept. I always like when authors are able to fully explain and integrate the concept well into the novel, and I’m surprised that this author, with her first book, did this very well.

I also really enjoyed the characters. Though they aren’t exactly the most likeable, their complex personalities is what captivated me. The main character, Zélie, is a fierce fighter. But bey0nd that, she also has a soft heart that we see when she is with Inan. The other main characters also have good personalities. It’s hard to find a book where every single character is good in their own way, whether it be they are simply likable or if their character is intriguing. I personally enjoyed every single one of the main characters in this book, and I definitely applaud Adeyemi for making such a good cast of characters.

The synopsis didn’t actually interest me at first. However, I think as the plot develops throughout the course of this book, I started to become more and more invested and interested in the story. The adventure that these characters embark on is quite fascinating to read about, especially the obstacles, twists, and turns they go through. The way the events were sequenced was great too. The pacing was a little on the slow side for me, but I don’t think I mind. This book is massive (500+ pages!), and I definitely expected some parts to be slow. This was true, but because I was so invested in the story, I don’t think that I personally mind. I’ve never liked extremely fast-paced books anyway, so I think this was a happy medium for me.

I don’t think I have any bad things to say about this book. Usually, I always have some sort of critique or negative thought, but I can’t really think of any for this book. It is truly my “perfect” fantasy book, and it contains all the things I love about fantasy. I guess this is really my dream book I would want to read.

If you haven’t picked this book up, I don’t know why you are waiting. This book deserves all the hype it can get, and I think will be close to the top of my favorite fantasy books of all time. I urge you to pick this and try this book for yourself if you haven’t already because it is truly a reading experience I will never forget.

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