How to Start a Blog | Part 3

After your blog has been created and formatted, you will have to learn to maintain your blog. I will link the previous parts down below. Today, I will discuss some post ideas and tips to posting regularly so that your blog is well maintained and consistent.  

The most important thing to a blog is posting regularly. It isn’t exactly necessary to be posting every day, nor is it necessary to be posting more than once every day. The minimum that you should be posting is every other day, but it is mostly recommended to post every day. This may seem quite daunting at first, since you might easily run out of post ideas. In a bit, I will give some easy post ideas if you are running out of them, but you really shouldn’t be running out. There are so many options of posts so you should have enough things to post.

Besides consistent posting, you want to make sure that your posts are all creative and unique. One mistake that many beginning bloggers have is that when they find a good idea for a post, they tend to keep using that idea but in different ways. This will just become overly repetitive and eventually the posts just aren’t enjoyable to read anymore. Having creative and different posts every time will ensure that your readers will have a variety of posts.

If you are a really busy person like me, I would highly recommend to draft a good amount of backup posts in your free time. I do have some spare time in my busy life, and I sometimes use it to draft as many posts as I can. This way, on a day that you don’t write anything, you can just post one of your backup posts. I usually have a document that I just write my posts on, and when it comes time for me to post, I just copy and paste that portion of the document. It’s easier and more convenient for me, so if you are busy, then this method should help you to still post regularly.

Now, I will list some post ideas you can use if you are running out of some. As I said earlier, this shouldn’t really be happening that frequently. If you tend to read a lot, there should be so many different posts that you can write, but you can refer to this list if you are running out of ideas.

  1. Book reviews- These are by far the easiest posts to draft. If you read a decent amount of books, then writing reviews for all of them should be an easy way to have posts on hand. If you don’t read many books, then this may not work as well. However, book reviews are in my opinion the easiest posts, so if you don’t have any ideas, this is an easy post idea to write.
  2. Book Tags- I feel like this is definitely the type of post that gives off the “I have no other ideas” vibe to the reader, but if you really have to resort to this it’s fine. There are so many book tags that exist on the internet, and they are really quick to write and post. All you have to do is answer questions, so this is one of the last ideas you should resort to if you are running out of ideas.
  3. Monthly wrap ups- These posts can’t be done very frequently, but they are an easy post to draft. Simply track all the books you read in a certain month, talk a little about them, and post it onto your blog. This is another really easy post to write, since there isn’t much thinking or creativity involved.
  4. Favorites- This type of post does require some thinking, but it’s another easy thing to do. You can do your favorites for anything bookish related, whether it be your favorite books within a certain genre, or your favorite bookish items. Whatever favorites it is, it is an easy blog post idea that does show a little more creativity.
  5. Advice/How to- These are some of the most well-liked and viewed posts on any blog. People always need tips for creating or thinking of things, and providing advice for them through posts is extremely useful. I know that I tend to mostly read these types of posts most often. It also sparks more creativity and thought, so it’s probably the best idea to resort to.

There are, of course, so many other post ideas you can use. These are only ideas you should be resorting to if you are running out or if you are just beginning a blog. I would highly recommend to think of your own unique post ideas that others will enjoy, since it shows off your creativity and though that you put into your blog.

I hope these tips help anyone who has been struggling to post regularly or thinking of post ideas. Everyone will always have their ups and downs, and even I do sometimes too. If you are feeling stuck, the internet has so many ideas and things you can do to get back up. I hope your blog and your posts continue to succeed, and happy reading!

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