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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve basically been absent from here, and I totally didn’t forget to respond to all my comments from over two weeks ago (so if you got a response from me today, shh). BUT, I’m back again with The Liebster Award thanks to Naemi @ ABookOwlsCorner, who nominated me! So thank you! If you aren’t following her blog already, please do me a favor and do so, because she puts an insane amount of thought and creativity into each of her posts.

So let’s get started!

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1. What is a trope you can’t help but love, even though it’s overused?

Big surprise, my answer to this question is enemies-to-lovers! Yes, the most overused and cliche trope in the entire world is my #1 go-to favorite. There’s just something about that romantic tension that I can’t get enough of. You can give me the worst plot in the entire world, and I will seriously love the book for its enemies-to-lovers romance. I genuinely believe that all my favorite books have this trope, and I am constantly searching for new books with it!

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2. Describe your perfect quarantine day!

Okay, here we go. I really don’t have many hobbies, so this might possibly be the most boring day you’ve ever read about. My perfect quarantine day basically consists of me browsing TikTok & Instagram, playing Animal Crossing, reading a bit, catching up on my favorite TV show, and baking. It’s pretty sad how reliant I am on my phone and computer for everything I do, but we can just forget about that. This is kind of my daily schedule on repeat until I head back to school from summer break, which probably isn’t a good thing, but whatever. You’d also think I’d have plenty of time to post on this blog with my horribly busy schedule, but that hasn’t happened. Someone please send me more motivation my way.

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3. If you could have any fictional pet, what would you choose?

I’ve seen this question on Instagram before, but the thing is, I don’t actually know many bookish pets. There could be something really amazing out there that I am totally forgetting, so forgive me if this is just really lame. I’d love to have the messenger otters from House of Earth and Blood as a fictional pet. I don’t actually know if they have a name, but they sounded really cute when I read about them. I’ll attach some art here for your viewing convenience!

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4. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?

Okay, I feel like this is really awkward and slightly embarrassing, but my least favorite thing about blogging is writing the posts. I’m a really bad writer and it’s honestly pretty hard for me to put posts together. First of all, it’s really hard for me to come up with post ideas, which is why I honestly felt blessed when I got nominated for this, since it gave me something to write about. Plus, I always feel pressured to write such long posts, and I’m the worst at elaborating so that always stresses me out a little. I’m also very unmotivated, which is why I’m basically nonexistent on here anymore, oops.

So, you may ask “Hey Allison, why would you EVER start a blog if you don’t like writing posts?” I don’t really know the answer, but I know I’ve stayed for the positives that blogging brings! Which brings us to my favorite thing about blogging! The blogging community. This is quite ironic, considering the fact that I’m the worst at responding to comments, but it’s true. I feel like everyone on here is really nice and genuine. It’s so fun to talk to people that actually like books (which isn’t so present in my daily life). You guys actually relate to my bookish problems/feelings, which is so cool because I feel a lot less crazy. Anyways, I feel so sappy writing that, but I love all of you! I would give you some stickers, but I can’t reach into my computer and do that, so a picture should do.

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5. If you were stranded on a deserted island all alone, which fictional character and which author would you choose to join you and why?

I’d bring along Sarah J. Maas and Tyler from Aurora Rising. I’m thinking that I can use my great social skills to coax out the plot of ACOSF out of SJM along with what happens to every single character in the book. I mean, we’re deserted but the least I can get out of it is the future of the Inner Circle and all my faves. You can tell that I’m prioritizing my survival a lot. While we’re there, maybe I can start my own romance with Tyler to be documented as the best love story YA has ever seen so far. Someone come make this true.

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6. Describe your favorite book using emojis or GIFs, but don’t tell us what it is. Let’s see if someone can guess it in the comments!


I feel like people know what my favorite book is already, but let’s give it a try! I’ll do emojis to make it a real challenge (jk though I’m trying to make this as easy as possible for you guys).

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7. If you could have any character from a book teach you one skill, what would you learn and who would be your mentor?

I don’t know if this is supposed to be a real skill, but teleporting would be pretty cool, and I’d love to learn it from Rhysand. Yeah so I don’t actually know many characters who teleport other than people in ACOTAR, soo it looks like we’ll go with my favorite one! Sorry, Feyre.

But like actually, teleporting sounds like such a cool ability. It honestly would save so much time, and I would kill for that. Travelling between states for a trip? No problem. Want to take an impromptu trip to London? No big deal. Need to just go to the grocery store? There you go. I mean I wouldn’t be any more productive with that extra time, but it might let me watch an extra Netflix show. It’d also be a cool party trick. You could scare and fascinate every single person you come across.

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8. Have you ever dressed up as a character from a book?

No I haven’t! Sad, I know. I have dressed up as Cinderella though at Disney World when I was really young though, if that counts. But, it was mostly my movie obsession that caused that, so I’m going to take that as a no.

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9. What book are you proudest of forcing on other people? (For their own good, of course…)

Big surprise, I’m actually not a book pusher. I usually don’t recommend stuff, and at most, I’ll just post recommendations for a large audience. I do love Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo as a go to though! It was recommended to me and I loved it, so I just gotta pass it on, you know?? Yeah, so let this be my official book recommendation of the week. If you’re into YA fantasies, it’s a must read. I’m going to come over and bring you the book to your house if you don’t listen to me! (Now that’s my first official line as a book-pusher, yay).

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10. What is your favorite blog post that you’ve ever written and why?

My favorite blog posts I’ve ever written here is my Bookstagram Tips blog post and my How to Get ARCs blog post. I feel like I’m the most proud of those two posts, and they’ve also gotten some of the best reception. I put in a lot more effort into those two, and looking back, they’re probably my favorites for that reason. A lot of the stuff I write here is mostly on a whim, but those two were much more planned out.

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11. Which post that someone else wrote have you enjoyed recently?

Last question! 🙂

Okay, I don’t know if this was cheating since I was nominated by her, but I absolutely LOVED Naemi’s “DATING TIPS FOR BOOK NERDS post. I don’t even know how this girl thought of this idea, but it’s the most creative thing I’ve seen in a while. She basically talks about dating tips for each book genre and it is such a fun post. It made me laugh and I wanted even more. So yeah, go do me a favor and check that out (after you finish this blog post of course haha).

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And that concludes it! Hope you all liked reading about this, and it was really fun to write about! Here are my nominations:

Rain @ The Withering Blog

Alexis @ From the Library of Alexis

Steph @ Steph’s Court of Books

Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy

Olivia @ The Candid Cover

Princess @ Princess and Pages

Lindsey @ Lindsey Reads

Poulami @ Daydreaming Books

Stephanie @ Stepping Out of the Page

Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

Louise @ Monstrumology

I don’t actually know many bloggers so I’ll leave it at that. No pressure to do any of this if you’re tagged! You don’t even need to tag 11 people if you’re nominated. Even better, feel free to make up your own questions if you don’t feel like answering any of mine! Here are your 11 questions:

  1. What book character do you relate to the most?
  2. What got you into reading?
  3. Use emojis or GIFs to describe the last book you read!
  4. What are some of your hobbies outside of reading?
  5. What are some of your favorite book covers?
  6. What was your favorite read of this year?
  7. Who are some of your favorite side characters?
  8. What genre do you read the most of and which ones do you want to read more of?
  9. How do you feel about rereading?
  10. What’s a book that has been stuck on your TBR for forever?
  11. What’s your favorite bookish trope?

Happy reading everyone!


23 thoughts on “The Liebster Award Tag”

  1. I loved this post so so much! Well… you’re definitely not alone because I LOOOVE the enemies-to-lovers trope…. And honestly I get you, writing posts takes me soooo long but I actually like seeing how they turn out (even if my posts are nothing fantastic, really). But yeah, book bloggers are soo welcoming and kind! Also, am I the only one who hasn’t read ACOTAR yet? 😂 Six of Crows is soooo good but I didn’t love Crooked Kingdom as much.

    1. Thank you! And yes, writing takes up way more time than I originally thought, and I’m not writing anything spectacular either! And you should totally get to it! I’ll come over and send you a copy hahaha

      And I did like Six of Crows more than Crooked Kingdom as well!

  2. Aww, I loved your answers to all of these! 😊❤ And don’t worry – I can never get enough of enemies-to-lovers either 😉

    Also, I’m kind of with you on the writing the posts thing… I love editing them and reading them when they’re done, but sometimes the actual writing part can be such a struggle! 😅

    And is the book ACOMAF? Honestly, your answer to this question is the only one I think I’ve understood so far 😁 I might be completely wrong, though…

    And I’m glad you enjoyed my love advice so much 😂😂😂 Trust me, I don’t know how I came up with that post, either… My mind works in mysterious ways 😁

    1. Thanks! And yes, writing posts is so draining sometimes.

      And you got my favorite book write! (I’m pretty basic when it comes to books I like)

      I’m also honestly sooo jealous of your mind, like please send over some ideas hahaha

  3. I have been really struggling with writing posts these days myself. I have gotten out of my groove lately. I really enjoyed reading all of your responses. Thanks so much for the tag!

  4. You’re not a bad writer! I understand the struggle for topics outside of reviews though. I have the same problem. I also don’t think that long posts are a necessity. I struggle to read super long posts- I’m just too busy! So I end up skimming them and feeling guilty for doing so. I think what matters is- did you say what you wanted to say? Anyway- these were fun questions!

  5. Thanks for tagging me and I’d love to try this soon ❤ i absolutely love the enemies to lovers trope, too! It’s so satisfying if written well 😆

  6. I LOVE ENEMIES TO LOVERS AS WELL!!! It’s just SO MUCH FUN watching the characters hate each other and then fall DESPERATELY IN LOVEEE!!!DFRIEUFGOIWEHJFJ Gives relief to my trashy heart! xD ;P


    And yes – Naemi’s posts ARE THE BEST but that one definitely stole my heart! <3 <3

    ahhh!! I LOVED READING YOUR ANSAWERS Allison, AND THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME!! Can't wait to do this! <3 <3 <3 <3

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